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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

that's right son! this school is cool and err' body got them swagg ;D

Hey Guys!

HEYYO! Well students and classes should visit my blog because my blog shows how using technology effectively is actually a great idea. Just cause I find using technology for school assignments is easier and it keeps things simple and organized. No need for a mess of papers and THATs WASTING/ KILLING TREES!!! D'8 mkehh baiii bai :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Maygan's Avatar

This is my avatar that I have made, I made my avatar look like this because I like adventure and the tiger in the backround is there because i like cats (; My avatar is in style too because I love fashion!!! a lot and I love to deisgn clothes also. Her hat that she is wearing contributes to me when i was younger until now, because I wanted to be a pilot :) and I travel a lot. I also have a hat sort of like that so yeah. This avatar has all the things that I like and would like to have... such as the tiger... or.. liger I guess lolz XD and yeahhh mkeh baiiii bai!